Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dear Rom,

You hurt me the most because you lied. I didn't expect you to love me back but I had hoped you would have respected me a little.

I won't say you're not part of the reason I'm doing this. I can't. Because I'm hurting right now and  I can't forgive you.

Until now I still can't know for certain if you really did like me at first or why you suddenly decided to be in a relationship with me. You've never even spoken to me for long before that team building and then were a couple right after it. It's why I felt so insecure in our relationship. And you never ever made an effort to reassure me.

I went in knowing you were still in-love with your ex, Sophia's mom. I didn't realize that you also meant you weren't going to try to be with me. Is that why you played around?

I know about the dates you went to with her. That you texted your friend Gaara telling about your dilemma - "meeting her while you were already in a relationship with me". And I know you called her your other girlfriend, told a friend and even joked about having us both. Made me feel real special being treated a fool. And when I finally asked you about this, you said nothing happened. Really?

The flirting I can handle. But not the disrespect. That's what you never got.

Swiper no swipping. Your "it's not cheating when you're not caught", or "as long as no one says anything it's ok". Yeah I know about that too.

11months good run? What a joke.

I waited three, four years for you. And this is how you acted. I'm so so mad at you. How can you do that? Hurt me and laugh about it and claim its all good because you got by without getting hurt? Your callousness to not even think about how I feel.

I don't truly know what you went through, I don't know how bad your heart was broken. But its not an excuse for you to treat people this way.

God Rom. I swallowed my pride. I made love to you even though you called it fucking. I slept in your arms and trusted you. And you let me lie there thinking I was safe.

I can't focus on the good as much as I want to. I'm doubting every moment I shared with you because I can't see which ones weren't lies.

I can't forgive you for doing this to me.

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