Sunday, August 5, 2012

Preparation.. Credit Card Dilemma

One of the many things I'll need to straighten out is the credit card situation.

I've got a ticket charged here for an October trip that my friends will take. If I'm declared dead before they go on this trip, will the credit card company stop payment for this purchase? Will that make the ticket void?

I don't know who to ask this question since obviously I can't go to the bank and say "Hey, I'm going to die soon. But you see I've got a plane ticket charged on my credit card. Will it still be valid even if I die?"

They'll be calling the police and get me committed. What will happen to my plans then?

Tomorrow I think I'll buy the pills. I've got 14 already. I just need another 16, plus the sleeping aide that should help me stay asleep during whatever seizures or pain I'll experience when my liver finally starts to fail.

Should I say wish me luck?

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