Sunday, August 5, 2012

Suicide Letter

During my google-ing for the my suicide method I came across a blog that said "the suicide project". It didn't help me though because the writer was just babbling about how painful suicide will be and that it's not really 100% that anyone dies from on overdose attempt. Also he discouraged it saying life will get better.

I waited seven years and it's not. Getting better I mean.

But the title of that blog though stuck to me. Hence why I started this even though it may be cut off suddenly seeing that I am planning to die soon. Maybe no one will read it and I right now I don't much care.

I want to write my goodbye letters though I don't also want to give them to the people I'm leaving behind. That's why I created a new email address specifically for this purpose. Signed up under a different name that only the very closest people might have a hint to. Although that could be impossible as well since my pseudonym has been very rarely used and I only spoke of it a handful of times, and I'm not even sure those people paid attention.

Tari Tinuviel is my Elvish name.

So hopefully, someone I know will stumble into this site one day and read the letter I have for them.

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