Monday, August 6, 2012

Murder for Hire?

I don't have money and I have next to nothing in terms of belongings. Is it even possible to ask someone to kill you just for the sake of it? It would be easy if I were in the States, there're a lot of people there for sure who want to try killing someone.

I would be a volunteer for that.

I'm going to burn all my other stories, letters, notebooks tomorrow. I don't want anyone to read anything I've written. Partly because I'm ashamed of what I wrote - random mumblings that could possibly hurt my family. Also I don't think anyone will really care about incomplete stories that make no sense. I used to want to be a writer. I was so happy when my classmates asked to read my stories, and one or two even asked me to write a story for them. But the reality is, I'm not that great a writer. I can never find the momentum to complete my work. That's why I always end up with half-assed work.

I've found no purpose. I'm not needed here. I'm useless.

So I'd rather just die and stop being a burden to everyone else.

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